Soft Coolers Buying Guide

Do you know why frequent travelers prefer choosing soft coolers over the traditional coolers?


Well, they’re portable, lightweight, versatile, and easy-to-store. A soft cooler can be your best beverage-chilling friend in different outdoor activities like picnic, barbecue, and kayaking.

Gone are the days when buyers used to worry about whether they should choose a soft or hard cooler for outdoor activities. Today’s buyers are more concerned about which soft cooler can be most suitable for their needs because there are plenty of options available


Top 5 Soft Coolers


Fortunately, you won’t have to make a lot of effort to find the best option for your needs because we’ve prepared a list of top 5 soft coolers that can meet your expectations. We’ve used these coolers in different circumstances to make sure that you find the best option in the market.

Now, without wasting any time, let’s take a look at the top 5 soft coolers we’ve selected for you.

1. YETI Hopper Flip Portable Cooler


It feels terrible when your cooler can’t keep the drinks cold enough during hot and humid days, right?

Well, don’t worry because YETI Hopper Flip Portable Cooler won’t disappoint you even if you’re wandering in the desert. This smart and portable soft cooler can keep 12 cans cold for a longer period of time. The manufacturers have added several handles on the cooler to provide more comfort and convenience to the users.

The cooler is equipped with an over-the-shoulder strap that offers more freedom when you’re carrying the cooler from one place to another. Also, it’s the lightest option available on our list.

The most remarkable thing about YETI products is that they’re made of durable material. And the same is the case with YETI Hopper Flip Portable Cooler because it’s made of 840D double-sided thermoplastic urethane. The manufacturers have included the zipper lubricant in this package so that the users may continue using this cooler without any trouble.


Best Soft Coolers


The manufacturers have added handles on different locations so you may feel more comfortable when carrying the soft cooler with you. The new model comes with a top handle while this feature isn’t available in the old ones.

The reason why they’ve added this new feature is that the joints of shoulder straps are quite close to the bottom due to which the cooler flips upside down when you lift it up from the ground.

The top handle completely eliminates this problem allowing you to carry the cooler with you more comfortably.

YETI Hopper Flip Portable Cooler is equipped with a large opening…


that enables you to load and unload the cooler without any hassle. Although the exterior looks smaller than the other soft coolers, you can store plenty of products in this cooler. The waterproof zipper can keep the contents safe even in tough conditions.

The beauty of the YETI Hopper Flip portable cooler is that it doesn’t lose ice even in the hot weather. You’d be surprised to know that YETI Hopper Flip can maintain the temperature of different ingredients for a whopping 82 hours. You’d hardly find any other cooler of this size with so many amazing features.

This cooler is the ideal option for those who want to enjoy cold drinks after spending a day on the hot, sunny beach. Based on our experience, YETI Hopper Flip Portable Cooler is the best small size soft cooler that provides amazing insulation performance.


  • Durable Construction
  • Lightweight and Portable
  • 4 Handles in different locations
  • Carries up to 12 cans with ice


  • A bit expensive


2. RockBros Soft Cooler


Without any doubt, the small soft coolers can’t accommodate your needs when you’re going for a picnic with your friends or family. You’re supposed to carry extra drinks and food items when you’re traveling in a group.

The good news is that ROCKBROS soft cooler can provide excellent results in this situation. The use of 840D nylon makes it an ideal option for different weather conditions. No matter whether you’re on a beach or on a hiking trip, this soft cooler can provide you with the best possible results in every situation.

Simply, put the soft cooler into your car’s trunk and get ready to enjoy hunting, camping, fishing, boating, and other outdoor activities. The ROCKBROS soft cooler is equipped with the airtight zipper that can lock the cold air inside. That’s why it can keep the food items fresh and cool for 48 to 68 hours.


Best Soft Coolers


It’s also worth mentioning that the soft cooler doesn’t absorb external heat because its top and bottom parts are made of 420D Polyester. Moreover, the high-density insulation foam also plays a vital role in keeping the heat outside.

This soft cooler comes with one top handle…


and two side handles so you may easily carry the cooler with you. You can also attach the straps to the buckles and hang it on your shoulder. The padded shoulder strap offers a comfortable experience even if you walk for hours.

ROCKBROS soft cooler comes with external suspension that can be used to attach additional items. Moreover, you won’t have to carry the bottle opener with you because this soft cooler has its own bottle opener. In simple words, ROCKBROS soft cooler is designed to make your family trips more fun and entertaining.


  • 840D Nylon Construction
  • 48 to 68 hours of cooling insulation time
  • Comes with Padded straps
  • Has its own bottle opener
  • Can carry up to 30 drinks


  • Can be a bit heavy for some users

3. RTIC Insulated Soft Cooler Bag


RTIC insulated soft cooler bag is a highly recommended option for those who need a bit more flexibility with a soft cooler is a bit different than the garden variety soft-sided coolers. There is a clear difference in the construction of both types of coolers. RTIC Insulated soft cooler is well built and durable as well.

This soft cooler can easily hold in the cold because it has two inches of closed-cell foam insulation. The benefit of thicker insulation is that the cooler can hold ice longer than other coolers. This soft cooler bag is made of heavy-duty nylon shell which means it can easily withstand harsh conditions.

You can bring this cooler with you on a campsite, or for fishing and boating. Transporting the cooler gets a lot easier because it’s equipped with a shoulder strap and heavy-duty carrying handles. The RTIC soft cooler comes with the waterproof zipper that can keep everything into its place.


Best Soft Coolers

The manufacturers have also included the zipper…


lubricant in the package so you may take good care of the zipper over time. Thus, you’d be able to use the soft cooler for years without having to worry about any kind of damage.RTIC soft cooler can be your perfect companion in adventurous places because it’s made of high quality, durable material. Surprisingly, the RTIC soft cooler can lock in the cold for 3 to 5 days depending on the external temperature. You can even boost the ice retention by using a quality ice pack.

This soft cooler can accommodate 30 cans or bottles at a time. It’s worth knowing that the RTIC soft cooler is wrapped in a vinyl shell that can protect it in extreme weather conditions.


  • Waterproof Zipper
  • Thicker Insulation
  • Zipper Lubricant included
  • Wrapped in a Vinyl Shell


  • Not suitable for extremely hot weather

4. AO Coolers Original Soft Cooler


AO Coolers Original Soft cooler is the most affordable option available on our list. Although it has quite a simple design, it can offer respectable insulation. Unlike other soft coolers, it doesn’t require a designated space in your home. You can simply fold it and keep it in a cupboard when not in use.

Frankly speaking, this soft cooler doesn’t have those premium features you get with other soft coolers. But it gets the job done quite efficiently. So, why would someone spend hundreds of dollars on a soft cooler when they can get this messenger style cooler for just a few bucks.

The cooler is available in different sizes and colors


So, you can choose the best option according to your requirements. You’d be surprised to know that when you use this soft cooler in 120ºF weather, it can easily hold ice for 24 hours. We used this soft cooler for a few weeks and it successfully maintained the food-safe temperatures of 40ºF for 54 hours.


Best Soft Coolers


You might be thinking that it’s not quite impressive at all. Well, that’s because you’re comparing it with coolers that are airtight and have waterproof exterior. If you compare it with the coolers of the same category, you’d then realize how amazing it is.


  • Available in different sizes and colors
  • Affordable Price
  • 24 hours ice retention


  • No Waterproof zippers


5. Tourit Soft Cooler


Tourit Soft Cooler comes with a sleek, stylish, and modern design that cannot be found elsewhere. It’s an incredible cooler that makes you look cool among your friends. This leak proof soft cooler has a solid body. Thus, the cooler can easily withstand tough weather conditions.

You can either use the top handle to carry the cooler with you or you can hang it on your shoulder using a detachable shoulder strap. Similarly, you can use the side handles to hold the cooler into your hands if you’ve filled the cooler with plenty of content. This soft cooler can keep your drinks cool and fresh for a period of 3 days.


Best Soft Coolers


The most remarkable thing about this cooler is that it comes with all the amazing features found in premium brands. Still, it’s available at quite a reasonable price. That’s why it’s giving a tough time to top brands like Yeti. However, some users are still reluctant to buy this soft cooler because it’s a new brand.

TOURIT soft cooler can hold up to 30 cans at a time. Also, it has an additional pocket that can be used to carry other important accessories with you without keeping your hands busy.


  • Sleek and Stylish Design
  • Premium features at reasonable price
  • Durable Construction
  • Ice retention for 3 days


  • Warranty is unclear

Soft Coolers Buying Guide


We’ve already shared detailed information about different features of top 5 best soft coolers. We’re pretty sure that you’d be able to choose the best soft cooler after knowing these details. However, we’ve still prepared a detailed guide that may help you with making a more informed decision.

The buyers need to consider a few important features while choosing the best soft cooler for their needs. Here is the information about how you can choose the best soft cooler.



The Soft Sided Coolers are pretty lightweight as compared to the standard hard-sided coolers. That’s why people find them more attractive. However, it’s important to look for a cooler that won’t make you feel tired even if you hold it into your hands for a long time.

When you go hiking or camping, you’re supposed to walk for a few miles to reach your destination. In this situation, you’d keep shifting the cooler from one hand to the other if you didn’t choose a lightweight option.

You’re not just supposed to keep the drinks in the cooler but you also need to carry other items with you. And if you’ve mistakenly chosen a heavy cooler, you won’t be able to lift it up comfortably. The lightweight coolers don’t make you feel tired at any step of the way. In fact, they give you the freedom to enjoy your journey without any trouble.


Best Soft Coolers in 2021



The soft sided coolers can accommodate your needs in multiple situations. The best thing about soft coolers is that they don’t take enough space in your vehicle while allowing you to carry a range of items with you.

The soft sided coolers are usually available in the form of a shoulder bag. You can easily hang the cooler with your shoulder using a shoulder strap and enjoy an amazing trip.

If you’re not comfortable using a shoulder bag, you can simply choose the backpack style soft cooler. The benefit of this type of coolers is that they equally distribute the weight between your shoulders and back.The only problem with this type of cooler is that you can’t put it on or take it off all alone. However, it’s worth knowing that the backpack style soft coolers enable you to carry more weight.

The soft coolers aren’t just designed for travellers but the office workers and students can use the lunch box style coolers for everyday use. With these types of lunch boxes, you can carry more items with you. Also, these coolers can be used for weekend trips as well.

Storage Space


Storage space is an important thing that buyers are usually concerned about when they’re choosing a cooler for outdoor adventures. It’s an admitted fact that the soft coolers have less storage space than the hard sided coolers. But they give you the freedom to have more fun and entertainment.

Based on our experience, the soft coolers are the ideal option for families who often like to go for outdoor adventure. But if you like to organize huge get-togethers, a single soft cooler might not be the right choice for you.


Best Soft Coolers

No Sweating


Without any doubt, the hard coolers are prone to sweating. But the soft coolers don’t create any of such problems. If you haven’t used a cooler before, you might be wondering what could possibly be wrong with a sweating cooler.

Well, we’d like to disclose the fact that the sweating cooler can ruin the rest of the equipment you have in your car’s trunk or on the back seat. Therefore, the soft coolers are considered to be the right option for frequent travellers as they don’t leave any sweat marks on your clothes.



There are always two types of travellers. First type of travellers often forget to bring the essential items with them when going for a trip. And the second type of travellers bring so many items with them that they can’t carry their fanny pack or backpack comfortably.

In this situation, the soft coolers provide a balanced solution to the problem because most soft coolers now come with additional pockets that can be used to carry utensils like folks, knives, and spoons. These coolers also have some external pockets that can be used to keep the snacks, sunglasses, sunscreen, keys, and mobile phone.

It’s one of the major reasons why people prefer choosing soft coolers over other types of coolers. You must also take it into consideration when choosing a soft cooler.

Top Soft Coolers – FAQs

What’s the Best Way to Pack a Soft Cooler?


The soft coolers are just designed to keep things cool but they can’t cool down the hot items. Therefore, you must keep your items in the refrigerator before you put them in the soft cooler. Without any doubt, the soft coolers are strong enough to keep things cool even in the warm weather. But it’s important to keep them out of the direct sunlight otherwise, they won’t keep things cool for a long time.

The mistake people often make is that they put the ice cubes within the cooler. But that’s not the good option for keeping the interior cool. We recommend using cold packs as they’re more effective.

We aren’t saying that the cold packs won’t melt but they won’t make a mess after melting. As a result, your soft cooler will stay safe from bacteria.

Also, you should avoid keeping things in your cooler that leave odor. For instance, the onions can ruin the taste of other items if you keep it in the cooler.


Best Soft Coolers


Do Soft Coolers Absorb Odor?

The soft coolers rarely absorb odor because they don’t promote the growth of bacteria and mold. But that doesn’t mean that the soft cooler will never develop odors. You should avoid keeping things that can develop odors. Similarly, you should regularly clean the cooler so it may stay safe from bacteria. Thus, you’d be able to keep offensive odors away from your cooler.

How Long does a Soft Sided Cooler Last?

The good news is that the soft sided coolers can last for many years but they won’t last forever. After a few years of usage, you’d have to replace the cooler for some reasons. Sometimes, the zippers break due to which the cooler can’t keep the items cool for a long time. Sometimes, the material begins to wear due to rough usage. The stats show that a good quality soft cooler can last for 8-10 years if maintained properly.



The soft coolers are your best companion if you often go camping and hiking. You can also take these coolers with you for several other outdoor adventures. However, choosing the best soft cooler can be tricky. Therefore, we’ve shared information about the top 5 soft coolers to help you with making an informed decision.

We’ve also shared a detailed guide to finding the best soft cooler for your needs. We’re pretty sure that you’d no longer face any problems with choosing the best cooler. But if you still need some help, we’d be more than happy to help you. Just get in touch with us and tell us how we can help you.

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