PENN Spinfisher VI Spinning Fishing Reels

PENN Spinfisher VI Spinning Fishing Reels (All Models & Sizes)


Since 1932, PENN has made a name as a manufacturer of some of the best spinning wheels. One of its popular lines of a spinning reel is the PENN Spinfisher VI Spinning Fishing Reels. One reason for its popularity is because it’s tougher and lighter. Here is a detailed review of the spinning reel.

Key features

  • Full metal body
  • IPX5 sealed body
  • 5+1 ball shielded bearing system(made of stainless steel)
  • Line Capacity Rings
  • Superline Spool
  • CNC gear feature
  • Carbon fiber HT-100™ drag washers
  • Manual/automatic bail trip



One of the key features of the PENN Spinfisher is the IPX5 sealing that ensures that you don’t have to worry about the drag system or gearbox getting spoilt by salty water. A completely sealed spool is used to cover the HT-100 drag washers, providing you with the stopping power needed in big saltwater fishing. The HT-100 is not only durable but it ensures a smooth drag.

To ensure that the CNC system is properly aligned when dragging a big fish, the fishing reel has a body and side plate that are completely made of metal. Depending on your preferred size of fishing reel, the gear is made of brass or aluminum.

The six ball bearing systems are installed snugly within the body of the reel, protecting it from the harsh elements. It is covered with a metal exterior ensuring that salt, water, or sand doesn’t penetrate and damage the fishing reel.



This is a spinning reel line that is versatile, strong, and light. What sets this series apart from old models is its lighter design that ensures that you have a comfortable day in the waters. Since it has a full metal body, you can be assured that the reel with no flex even when under a heavy load. This also ensures that the gears remain aligned and are protected from wear and tear.

Despite being smooth in turning the handle, the reel contains enough power for cranking big fish. It also comes with a smooth drag system even under high settings.

The Line capacity Rings enables you to see the line remaining in your spool when struggling with a big fish. The spool has been marked in a third, two-third, and full capacity.

Pros and cons of the PENN Spinfisher VI Spinning Fishing Reels


  • Dimensional precision
  • Super smooth
  • Solidly made
  • Great seal against sand and/or water
  • Available in a wide range of sizes


  • Fragile anti-reverse system
  • Bail arm may begin to loosen with time

Final thoughts


With an all-metal body and an IPX5 rating, you can see why the PENN Spinfisher VI Spinning Fishing Reels is an option that you may want to consider. Even if it gets hit by a wave, you will not have to worry about salt getting into the rag system or gearbox

The new and improved fishing from PENN is solid, smooth, and performs well. We love the fact that it provides you with all the top-rated features at an affordable price. This is a spinning reel that should be part of your fishing gear.

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