Plusinno nets for fishing

You need a high-quality fishing net tackle the fish once it’s hooked. Fortunately, you can get it done with the Plusinno Fishing Net.


Plusinno Fish Landing Net is the best choice for all types of fishermen.


How many times you failed to land the fish in your boat even after hooking it properly? You must have experienced it several times because a fishing hook is not enough for landing the fish into your boat.


  • Knotless Net
  • Special Belt Clip for Easy Carry
  • Durable Nylon Mesh
  • Non-Absorbent Coating
  • High-Density Carbon Fiber construction


  • Not Rubberized
  • No carrying case included

Let’s dive into the details of why we think so.

Design and Structure


Plusinno Fish Landing Net offers a higher level of strength and resilience with the durable nylon mesh and high-density carbon fiber and fiberglass pole. You can choose from the four different sizes based on your specific needs. It’s worth mentioning that the waterproof nylon net doesn’t get heavy in the water because it has the non-absorbent coating.It means you’d no longer have to worry about the bacteria and odor absorption anymore. The foldable design of the fishing net gives you the freedom to carry it with you without any hassle.



Plusinno Fishing Net can be used for lake fishing, river fishing, sea fishing, boat fishing, and even kayak fishing. It helps with catching and releasing the fish quite efficiently. The knotless design of the net doesn’t let the fish get out of the net unless you put it back into the water.

The telescopic handle enables you to adjust the size of the net according to your needs. The Skid-resistant EVA grip enables you to hold the net firmly while you’re pulling fish out of the water.

It’s known as one of the best fish-friendly nets as it doesn’t cause any damage to the fish scales.



Plusinno Fish Landing Net is a super convenient option for those who often face problems with landing the fish into the boat. The process of catching and releasing the fish is made a lot easier with this fishing net. Most importantly, it comes at a reasonable price. So, you must consider including it to your fishing gear.

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