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Top 5 best fly fishing reel for the money


Before selecting the best casting spinning reel, there are several factors you need to consider. These include:

Here are our big 5 fishing reels for the money.

1.Redington BEHEMOTH Fly Reel


The BEHEMOTH fly reel is among the best fishing reels as it comes with a sturdy carbon fiber drag system that is reliable, strong, and smooth. This torque system is combined with friction plates that are made of stainless steel to deliver huge torque for handling large fishes.

Instead of being machined, it is die-cast, providing it with a unique shape and angle. This unique shape gives it an improved backing capacity. The die-cast construction is combined with an oversized drag knob that makes it easy to adjust the reel fast and precisely.

When it comes to the big fish spinning reels, the BEHEMOTH has one of the strongest drag. This ensures that those large fish don’t set themselves free. The ocean reel also comes with a big arbor design that enables fast retrieves and reduces the line memo.

The open cast reel is available in various sizes making it suitable for rods ranging from 4 ft to 12 ft. This makes the oceans reels suitable for a wide range of applications, ranging from trout fishing to saltwater trophy fishing.


Best Fly Fishing Reel


  • Adjustable CarbonFiber drag system
  • Die-cast construction
  • Big drag knob
  • Big arbor design
  • Twin molded handles

The fishing reel comes with ergonomic handles that offer you great results when pulling the bigger fish species. The rubber handle ensures a strong grip that prevents it from slipping from your hands.


  • Affordable price
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Powerful drag
  • Easy to change to right or left-hand retrieval


  • Drag-knob isn’t very smooth

However, one of its downsides is that the spool removal knob is made of plastic. When it’s supposed to stop, it will still turn a few more times. It’s also not smooth to set the drag as the knobble has some gritty feel. You can’t tighten it much as the spool removal knob at the front is made of plastic.

Overall, the fishing reel does the job well. It looks good with a strong drag and a huge capacity. At its price point, this is among the best big game reels.

2. Piscifun Sword Fly Fishing Reel


The majority of anglers want a big fly fishing reel that will keep their line under control and has a drag that can handle a big fish. The fishing real should also be lightweight. One of the options that have these features is the Piscifun Sword Fly Fishing Reel. This is because its a big but lightweight fly fishing reel.

The body of the fishing reel is made of a Precision CNC 6061-T6 aluminum to provide it with a high-impact power but has a hollow design that makes it lightweight. The hard anodized treatment is the standard treatment used in motor vehicles and helps to prevent abrasion. Even under saltwater fishing, it will not corrode.

The drag system is made of stainless steel and the fishing reel features a cork system with several discs and a one-way clutch that ensures a smooth and accurate drag engagement. While the drag isn’t as smooth as other premium fish reels, this is understandable for a unit that costs a fraction of the cost of the premium reels.


Best Fly Fishing Reel


  • Made of Precision CNC 6061-T6 aluminum
  • Bigger CNC hollow design
  • Knurled handle
  • Mid-arbor design
  • Cold forged & tempered
  • Hard anodized
  • Warranty of 3 years

The fishing reel uses a disc-drag system that is more than enough for catching river trout, bluegill, and other similar species. The mid arbor design reduces line memory and ensures a very fast pick. The popular fishing reel enables you to retrieve from whichever side you prefer. It comes with three weights and a warranty of three years.


  • Extremely smooth
  • Corrosion-resistant even under saltwater
  • Smooth drag system
  • Ergonomic gripping system
  • Solid and Lightweight
  • Beautiful look


  • Can only retrieve on the left hand

This is a solidly made reel with a smooth finish. The only downside is that you will need to contact the manufacturer to convert the retrieve to the right hand. At a weight of 6.1 oz/174.9 gm, the fly reel is pretty lightweight. Overall, this is a great reel at a great price.

3. M MAXIMUMCATCH Maxcatch ECO Fly Reel 


For a price of under $20, you don’t expect the nicest, smoothest, and most durable reels out there. But one of the options that seem to be doing fairly well in this price point is the M MaximumCatch Maxcatch Eco Fly Reel. While it’s not perfect, it has all the features that you need in a fly fishing reel.

The fishing reel is die-cast and made of Aluminum. It comes with a large arbor design that enables rapid line retrieval. It’s also has a good and fairly smooth drag system with excellent reeling action. The rugged disc drag enables you to pull the large fishes. The one-way bearing is a good choice for switching your retrieval from one side to the other.


Best Fly Fishing Reel


  • All aluminum construction
  • One-way bearing
  • Rugged disc drag

The fly fishing reel features a lot of ventilation and, therefore, allows the line to dry fast. The small fish reel comes with an easy-to-use spool removal system. It has great tolerance and clean finishing. It is available in 3 weights.


  • Affordable price
  • Smooth bearings
  • Excellent drag system
  • Lightweight and compact


  • The finish isn’t smooth as there are rough edges
  • Drag knob wobbles

Overall, this is among the best fishing spinning reels at its price point. It’s a good choice for beginners as well as intermediate range. You will not have issues of the fly line getting caught in the reel like it’s the case with many other cheap reels.

It has a decent drag on a bearing system that is quite solid. Its tolerance isn’t the best and neither does it have the best design, but at its price point, it offers good value for money. The affordable fishing reel comes with a warranty of one year.

4. Fiblink Fly Fishing Reels


The Fiblink fly fishing reel is a made of a cold-forged and CNC-machined aluminum that makes it sturdy and corrosion-resistant. It has a beautiful and smooth finish. It’s easy to change the retrieve from right to left. To do that, you only need to remove the spool from the reel before flipping it over the clutch bearing.

The whole system is sealed with an O ring and, therefore, the first cap to remove is tight and difficult to take off. You may want to use some silicone O ring grease on the ring before you can reassemble. This way, it shouldn’t be difficult to reassemble it back. During the initial reassembly, the O ring will be a bit dry and this is why it will feel so tight.


Best Fly Fishing Reel


  • All aluminum construction
  • 2+1 ball bearing
  • Fiber-composite drag mechanism
  • One-way bearing

The drag works fine when stripping the line. It will spin perfectly well. After loading it with backing and line, you will not find the usual floppiness in a spool. Remember that anything that has aluminum and stainless steel parts will corrode with time. However, aluminum construction ensures that it remains strong but lightweight. The one-line bearing ensures a fast and easy retrieval from left to the right hand.


  • Smooth drag
  • Easy to change from right to left
  • One drawstring bag
  • Perfect spinning
  • Smooth finish
  • Saltwater safe
  • Strong but lightweight


  • Spool tolerance is a bit sloppy

Overall, the Fiblink fly fishing reel is well-made and comes with a clean and crisp features and design. The feeds and spools work smoothly and effortlessly. It has a well-designed drag and is fairly quiet. Take note that you need to rinse it after dunking the fishing reel in saltwater to avoid corrosion.

Overall, this fly fishing reel is smart, practical, and extremely beautiful. This is especially the case for those who are beginners in fly fishing as it has a decent amount of drag. It’s also easy to adjust from the left to the right. Therefore, it’s a good choice for beginner anglers.

5. Okuma SLV Diecast Aluminum Fly Reel


Featuring a huge arbor spool design, the Okuma SLV Diecast Aluminum Fly Reel is a good choice for extremely fast line retrieval that can match the speed of the fastest game in the water. It is among the best quality spinning reels at this price point especially when it comes to its construction and the drag. The cast aluminum used to make the fly reel is softer than the CNC machined aluminum. It has a very smooth drag and can be intuitively adjusted.

The fishing reel has a nice finish and size with no sharp edges or blurs. The drag system is greased using a good tach bearing grease. With the fast exchange spool, you can change from the floating line to the sink tip line even as the well remains on the rod.

Best Fly Fishing Reel


  • Big arbor spool make
  • Die-cast aluminum body
  • Drag system, made of stainless steel
  • One-way roller bearing

The drag system consists of a washer pinch bearing system that can be adjusted with a screw to pinch the water down onto the washer to loosen or tighten the drag on a reel. This drag system has a downside in that when the system is overused, it will wear out faster than the higher-priced alternatives.


  • Smooth drag
  • Great ergonomic
  • Perfect quality
  • Easy to switch from right to left
  • Ability to adjust the drag fast


  • A bit heavy

The Okuma SLV Diecast Aluminum Fly Reel is a good fly fishing reel that is also quite durable. It’s made of cast aluminum and, therefore, you should avoid dropping it. However, if by bad luck it drops, you can easily find spare spools. You will enjoy fishing with this reel as you can adjust the drag fast. Overall, this is a great reel for the money.

How to choose the best fly fishing reel


Fish species


When selecting a fishing reel, this is one of the key factors you need to consider. For instance, if you need a reel for fishing salmon, you will want to choose that has enough capacity to hold the casting line and enough backing. Take note that reel models are labeled as per the fly line sizes. Therefore, if a reel is labeled for 10 wt saltwater, it won’t handle a 9/10 Spey casting line.

If you need a reel for grayling or light river fishing, you will only need to check the click and pawl. You don’t have to consider factors such as the disc drag. However, if you will be fishing in saltwater, you should choose a corrosion-resistant fishing reel. You should also ensure that the disc drag system is reliable.

Reel body


This is one of the key parts you should check the construction in a fly fishing reel. The body of many fly fishing reels is made of aluminum, as the metal is strong and lightweight. A few manufacturers use stainless steel as it’s stronger and heavier. A few models are made of aluminum which falls in between the two in weight and strength. The three metals are, therefore, able to resist corrosion even though they need to be regularly anodized to protect them further.

The aluminum fly fishing reel body can be produced in two ways, machined or die-cast. Molten aluminum is poured into a mold to create die-cast models. This method is usually cheaper and faster. Some flaws may arise in the casting leading to weaknesses, and these reels will break if dropped. Machined units are usually cut from high-grade aluminum and are, therefore, stronger. The best fly fishing reel brands are often machined.


Best Fly Fishing Reel



This is another part that is made of aluminum. When polymer materials and composite fibers are used, it’s possible to save more weight. The middle of the spool is referred to as an arbor. This may have different diameters. When the fishing reel has a tiny arbor, it comes with a lot of lines. However, some fly fishing reels have a memory that retains the curl when it’s unwound. This can cause the line to slow down when you are casting. If you would like to minimize this problem, the mid and huge arbor reels are the right choice for doing so. You will enjoy a smother casting as well as retrieval.

Reel size

It’s important to ensure that your reel has the right capacity for holding the fly line and backing. When loaded, the reel should enable the rod to balance on your hand from the point you are holding. This ensures that the rod is light and will not feel heavy. You will also want to consider your personal choice. If you pick a very small reel, it can feel fiddly for those with small hands.

Drag system


These can be divided into two; the disc system and he click and pawl. The dray system is more popular and consists of pressure plates that work in the same way as a car clutch. When tension is applied to the reel, this drag system increases the tension. As a fish pulls away from the line, it adds tension. However, the pressure remains low when it’s winding up. Some of the materials that are commonly used to make disc drags include carbon fiber, cork, ceramic, Rulon, and Teflon.

The spring and pawl on the other hand use a tooth and gear wheel that comes with springs. In other words, the cog mechanism changes the pressure put on the spindle. One of the benefits of this system is that its lighter and, therefore, minimizes the overall weight. Its downside is that it has little stopping power when handling large fish. Therefore, this drag system is suitable for small rivers.

Hand or left drag?


If you are a left-handed angler, you may want a right-hand drag, so that the more powerful left hand can do the casting and also control the rod. On the other hand, if you are right-handed, you may prefer to use your right hand to wind the reel. A double-handed rod will enable you to control on either side with any of your hands. The majority of fly reels can also be converted from RHW to LHW. However, you should ensure that all your reels have been set up in a similar way.

Faqs on the best fishing reel


Here are some of the common questions that people ask on the best fishing reels.

What is a fly reel?

A fly reel is a tool that you can use to wind a fly line and enable backing. Backing helps to fill a spool that makes it possible for the fast retrieval of the fly line with the backing acting as a backup for the fly line when the fish is trying to take off.


Best Fly Fishing Reel

What direction does the fly reel move?

The majority of fly reels are usually set up to be retrieved on the left-hand. If you would like to change a left-handed open face reel to a right hand-retrieve, you can check the directions on the manual. If there is no manual, you can also check on the manufacturer’s website.

Do you need to clean and oil your fishing reel?

You need to ensure that your gears remain clean and well oiled. You should oil your reels after using them a couple of times. Basically, you should lubricate the reel bearings every two to three weeks if they will function smoothly. When oiling, avoid over-applying oil.

Deep cleaning should be done occasionally. Use a gentle pressure washer to rinse your reels and, therefore extend their lifespan.

Can a spinning reel be used for fly fishing?

While this is possible, it’s not advisable. This is because a freshwater fishing reel usually rotates at 90 degrees to the fly reels. This means that the line will not be running in the correct direction for a cast and retrieve style that is used in combination with a fly. On the other hand, a fly reel has been made specifically for this. In fact, it will provide you with a better experience.

Is a line included in the fly fishing reel?

There are a few models that include the line. But the majority of them don’t. Fly fishing lines are made of different materials and various backers and, therefore, it isn’t feasible for manufacturers to supply different options.


Best Fly Fishing Reel

Is a fly reel ambidextrous?


The majority of modern professional fishing reels are usually ambidextrous. This means that anglers can place the reel’s crank handle on their left or right hand as desired. The saltwater fly fishing reels are specifically designed to be used in the ocean environment.

How is a fly reel different from a spool?

A fly fishing reel consists of two parts; the spool and the frame. All fly reels come with these two parts. However, you can always buy an extra spool to load different lines.

How do you choose the right size of a reel?

To determine the right size of a good fishing reel, you will need to determine the size of the fishing line you will be using most. If the line is light, you will then need a small fly fishing reel. A test line of ten pounds is usually the highest diameter and strength that is used on a reel.

Final thoughts


Unlike what many anglers believe, a fly fishing line isn’t just something to hold your line. If you are searching for a big trophy fishing reel, you will need the best fly fishing reel.

And whether you are searching for freshwater or a saltwater fishing reel for sale, you will need to start by doing the research on the best options available. Like we have already seen, a good fishing reel for the money should be smooth, strong, and capable of withstanding the resistance of big game fish. But if you are a beginner angler, you will need an entry-level fishing reel.

We have reviewed the top 5 best fly fishing reels that will meet your need whether you are a beginner angler or a professional angler. Choose one of the above options and you will make your time in the ocean a breeze. Happy buying!

For any angler, a good fishing reel is a must-have if their fishing mission will be successful. A good fishing reel should be smooth, durable, and with a fast retrieving. But with the so many options out there, you may be wondering which the best fishing reel is for the money. Fortunately, after 24 hours of research, we created a list of the best reels. Read on to make the right choice.

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