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Deeper Pro+ Smart Sonar Fish Finder Review


Have you ever thought of fishing from the shore while having smart sonar?

Well, Deeper Pro+ Smart Sonar is here to offer this amazing experience.

Deeper Pro Fish Finder

If you think that Deeper Pro+ will help with nailing the fish right in the first try, you must be mistaken because it’s not a magic stick at all. It’s mainly designed to provide you with better fishing experience.

The reason why it’s getting popular among fishermen is that it tells you exactly where to find the fish. After using this fish finder for a few weeks, we’re ready to tell you about how it’s going to serve. So, let’s get started.

Brief Introduction of Deeper Pro+ Smart Sonar


Deeper Pro+ has the ability to keep you updated about the water conditions no matter whether you’re fishing from the shore or through the ice. It simply displays information about the lake’s bottom hardness, vegetation, depth, underwater features, and Fish. The interesting thing about this fish finder is that it’s directly connected to your smartphone or tablet.

Unlike other fish finders, Deeper Pro+ can broadcast a signal over a hundred yards because it uses Wi-Fi to connect to your device rather than Bluetooth Connectivity.

The ability to create Bathymetric maps makes it a perfect choice for experienced fishermen. In other words, you can use this device to get instant information about water temperature, bottom contour, underwater structure, and fish location.

Deeper Pro Fish Finder


  • Easy to Install Without Cables
  • GPS & Wi-Fi enabled with Bathymetric Feature
  • Amazing Build Quality
  • Offshore-Ready Sonar Depth
  • Innovative Lake book Data Platform


  • Poor Quality Safety Strap
  • Limited Battery Life

Important Features of Deeper Pro+


Now, let’s dive into the details of what we really liked about this Fish Finder.



Believe it or not, Deeper Pro Plus has outperformed all other fish finders we’ve used till now. The Wi-Fi Mode automatically turns on when you bring on the water. You can simply attach it to your fishing rod if you’re fishing from the shore.


Deeper Pro Fish Finder


The information about underwater conditions starts appearing on your smartphone as soon as the fish finder goes into the water. Without any doubt, Deeper Pro Plus shows pretty accurate information about structures, depths, and fish targets.The smartphone app comes with a calendar that provides information about fish peak times of different areas. You can use this calendar to plan your next trip.

Built-in GPS


Deeper Pro Plus comes with the built-in GPS that enables you to find accurate feedback of depths while capturing in-depth readings. This feature is very useful for fishermen who like to enjoy bottom fishing. With GPS technology, you can explore depth levels and in-depth readings more accurately. The best part is that you can save and mark different spots for future trips.

Deeper Pro+ Smart Sonar App


You need to install the official app on your smartphone or tablet before you could start using this fish finder. The app comes with crazy features such as maps, temperature features, and a camera. And most importantly, it’s available for free.

Here’s a brief overview of the app so you may not feel intimidated while using it for the first time:

Deeper Pro Fish Finder

Wifi Connectivity Icon: This icon shows whether the device is ready for use or not.

Fish Position and Relative Size: This feature displays the accurate position and size of the fish enabling you to decide what to throw and how to throw it.

Water Temperature: You may use this feature to measure the Water Temperature of the actual device location.

Fish Depth: It’s an important icon used to measure the depth of the fish underwater.

Self-Adjusting Depth Scale: As the device changes its position, you can see the water depths on your smartphone.

Battery Level: It keeps you updated about how long you can enjoy your favorite sport.

4 Modes of Deeper Pro+ Smart Sonar


Based on your fishing needs, you can use 4 different modes of Deeper Pro Plus Smart Sonar. These modes use unique features and they’re slightly different from each other.

Here is a basic overview of these modes:

Standard Mode: This mode offers some basic features in a 2D display.

Boat Mode: Boat Mode uses your iPhone GPS to keep you updated about the underwater conditions while you’re moving on a boat. You can also access the bathymetric mapping feature in this mode.

Onshore GPS Mode: The built-in GPS gives you the freedom to track fish underwater.

Ice Fishing Mode: This mode provides a 2d View of Underwater conditions while you’re enjoying Ice Fishing.

What we didn’t like about Deeper Pro+?

Deeper Pro+ offers a limited battery life of up to 4 hours. In fact, battery life is ultimately reduced when you shift to the Narrow Beam. So, the manufacturers must consider installing a battery with a higher capacity. Also, it’s a bit expensive as compared to other fishfinders in the industry. However, that can be justified as it comes with amazing features that are hardly found elsewhere.


Deeper Pro+ Smart Sonar is the perfect solution to all your fishing needs. Wi-Fi Connectivity, Built-in GPS, and Innovative Lake Book are some remarkable features of this fish finder. We’ve added detailed information about all the important features of this device. If you still have any questions about Deeper Pro Plus Smart Sonar, feel free to get in touch with us.

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