Best Fishing Sunglasses

Do you think the polarized fishing sunglasses just protect your eyes from the sun’s glare and harmful UV rays?


Well, you can simply get these benefits for casual sunglasses. So, why would someone consider choosing polarized sunglasses? The fact is that polarized fishing sunglasses do a lot more than that.

That’s why you’d never see a professional fisherman without a pair of polarized fishing sunglasses. It means you need to get one too. But buying your first pair of polarized sunglasses can be a bit confusing. Therefore, we’ve developed this guide to solve your problem.

Best Fishing Sunglasses

Importance of  Best Polarized Fishing Sunglasses


I bet you won’t be able to stay focused if the reflection of sunlight on the water is unbearable. The normal sunglasses can’t avoid these reflections due to which you feel uncomfortable throughout the day. The situation gets extremely worse when you’re casting directly into the sun. Fortunately, the intensity of these reflections can be reduced significantly if you start wearing polarized sunglasses while fishing.

The polarized sunglasses can even fight off the slight reflections that appear on the water while you’re fishing. The polarized fishing sunglasses can provide a remarkable experience if you’re going to spend hours on the water.

Best Polarized Fishing Sunglasses in 2021 Reviewed


Hopefully, you’ve now understood the benefits of polarized fishing sunglasses. Now, let’s take a look at the reviews of the top 7 polarized fishing sunglasses we’ve prepared for you.

1. Costa Del Mar Men’s Fantail 580p Rectangular Sunglasses


Costa Del Mar Fantail Polarized Sunglasses are perfectly suitable for windy conditions you usually have to deal with during fishing. The sunglasses don’t lose the position even if you’re engaged in a tough fight with fish. There is a range of lens color options available such as blue mirror, silver mirror, tortoise Amber, green mirror, copper, and gray silver mirror.

Similarly, you can choose from 30 different frame color options according to your preferences. Based on our experience, blue mirror lenses are the ideal choice for fishermen who like to catch wahoo, tuna, and mahi-mahi. The professional fishermen prefer using these lenses for offshore fishing. The beauty of these lenses is that they bost the blue, green, and red light naturally while blocking out yellow light below 580 nanometers.

Del Mar Fantail Polarized Sunglasses are the best fishing glasses…

for those who spend a significant amount of time in sunny conditions on the water. The 580p lenses minimize the glare when you’re looking into the water and they provide excellent contrast. You won’t be able to measure the difference between polarized and non-polarized sunglasses if you’re using them on the land.

Therefore, you need to go to the appropriate environment to test the quality of these sunglasses. The 580 series polarized sunglasses can also protect you from cataracts, pterygium, macular degeneration, and other eye diseases because they have the ability to absorb HEV (harmful high energy blue light).

Fortunately, the 580 series lenses are pretty lightweight because they’re made of high-quality plastic. And the C-wall coating reduces the risks of scratches to an extent. The green mirror also provides amazing results in streams, inshore, and flats. These sunglasses can also be used for land-based activities.

If you like fishing in low light conditions, we recommend choosing the sunrise silver mirror that can provide a polarized view of the water in these conditions. So, you can consider using these lenses during sunrise, sunset, and heavy overcast periods.


  • Multiple Lens Color Options
  • 30 Frame Color Options
  • Great for Low Light Conditions
  • Absorbs Harmful High Energy Blue Light
  • C-wall for scratch resistance


  • The price is a bit high

2. Costa Del Mar Men’s Tuna Alley 580p Rectangular Sunglasses


Costa Del Mar Men Tuna Alley polarized sunglasses are recommended for those who have large heads. The hinges are designed to last long because they’re made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel. The best thing about these sunglasses is that they don’t slide forward because they have hydro lite nose pads that provide excellent grip.

You can choose from 20 different frame color options available. Similarly, there is a range of lenses available such as green mirror, tortoise gray, blue mirror, matte black copper, white copper, crystal blue, copper silver mirror, and more. The interesting part is that you can get a glass or plastic lenses according to your needs.

Personally speaking, we don’t prefer using glass lenses because they can shatter at some point. But you can choose the type of lenses you feel more comfortable with. Another important thing about these sunglasses is that they offer better ventilation with the three-hole venting system.

As we’ve mentioned above, the blue mirror is the ideal option for those who love fishing for hours. And if you need the best fishing glasses for land-based activities, we’d suggest using the silver and gray mirror.


  • 20 Different Frame Colors
  • Both the Glass and Plastic Lenses Available
  • Multiple lens color options
  • Three-hole venting system for added coolness
  • Hydro lite nose pads for better grip


  • The frame isn’t attractive

3. Costa Del Mar Men’s Brine Oval Sunglasses


Costa Del Mar Brine is the ideal pair of sunglasses for those who love fishing and other sea adventures. It has a marvelous design that offers amazing comfort to the user. Not just men but women can also choose this versatile pair of sunglasses for a thrilling fishing adventure. These sunglasses enable you to enjoy the true beauty of Mother Nature.

Both serious anglers and hobbyists can consider choosing these fishing sunglasses to enjoy better comfort, safety, and craftsmanship. These sunglasses firmly sit in the place when you’re wearing them. And they don’t cause any discomfort even if you wear them throughout the day.

No matter what are your design preferences, you can find the right color option for your needs. Depending on your desired activities, you need to choose the lens color wisely. Without any doubt, Costa Del Mar Brine Polarized Sunglasses are a bit expensive compared to other sunglasses but they are really worth it. Costa Mar Del Brine fishing sunglasses are very lightweight and durable.

The lenses are equipped with C-wall coating that can prevent the lens from scratch. You’d get to enjoy spectacular clarity of vision with the 580G glass.


  • Hydro lite Nose Pads
  • Glass and polycarbonate lens
  • Three-hole venting system
  • Suitable for both men and women


  • The frame is a bit narrow

4. Oakley Men’s Oo9154 Half Jacket 2.0 XL Polarized Fishing Sunglasses


Want to enjoy more comfort and protection throughout the day?

You must consider choosing the Oakley Men’s Oo9154 fishing sunglasses because they’re designed to fulfill your needs. We love carrying this pair of sunglasses on all our sea adventures because it has a stylish design and it offers ultimate protection as well. The best part is that the frame is made of lightweight material and it’s quite flexible as well.

Thus, you won’t feel any discomfort even if you use it for hours. This pair of sunglasses isn’t only suitable for fishing but you can wear it for other outdoor adventures as well. With this pair of sunglasses, you’d get to enjoy more clarity of vision. The lenses are also made of lightweight material so you may not feel tired after a long day.

Moreover, the nose pads prevent the sunglasses from slipping so you may focus on the sport. The fishing sunglasses are designed to last long so you may not have to waste your money every few months.


  • Great for Outdoor Adventures
  • Flexible Frame
  • Stylish and Attractive Design
  • Lightweight and Durable


  • Black Iridium only works well in sunlight

5. Oakley Men’s Oo9295 Flak 2.0 Rectangular Sunglasses


Oakley Men’s Oo9295 Flak 2.0 is another incredible option for those who are looking for a stylish and protective pair of polarized sunglasses. Oakley always introduces some of the highly attractive models in the market and they win the heart of their customers with their amazing designs. We strongly recommend choosing their polarized sunglasses if you want to enjoy better vision while wearing an attractive look.

The company hasn’t just focused on overall design but they’ve also provided excellent functionality with this pair of sunglasses. The interesting thing about this pair of sunglasses is that it’s made of plastic. Even the lenses are also made of plastic. And you won’t have to worry about scratches because the lenses have an extra layer of protection. Moreover, the UV protection coating can significantly reduce the glare while you’re fishing.


  • Stylish and Attractive Design
  • Made of Plastic
  • UV Protection Coating
  • Available in 5 different colors


  • The Sunglasses Slip in Sweaty Conditions

6. Maui Jim Hot Sands Rectangular Sunglasses


Maui Jim Hot Sands Rectangular sunglasses are perfect for hours and hours of fishing. You may also use these polarized fishing sunglasses for other outdoor activities like running and golfing. Although these sunglasses don’t have a stylish frame, they can easily fit with your clothing style. There are four different colors of lenses you can choose from.

Based on our analysis, the neutral gray lenses are perfect for those who love fishing under direct sunlight because these lenses can preserve rich color in direct, bright sunlight. This pair of sunglasses doesn’t slip from your face because it has a close fit. These polarized fishing sunglasses can prevent your eyes from harmful elements and bugs.

Although the frame offers a close snug fit, it doesn’t leave any marks on your nose. The black gloss neutral gray tink offers amazing visibility while protecting your eyes. These sunglasses are so effective that you can directly look at the sun while wearing them. The price is also very reasonable because these sunglasses can serve you for years.


  • Offers a Perfect snug fit
  • Protects your eyes from bugs and other elements
  • Ability to Preserve Rich Color
  • Lightweight and Durable Construction


  • Nose Piece is Rubber

7. Wiley X Rogue Sunglasses


Wiley X Rogue Sunglasses can protect your eyes from harmful UV rays on a fishing trip. These sunglasses have a unique design that can add a unanimous look to your personality. Personally speaking, we’re really inspired by the unique style of the lenses that are made of polycarbonate. These lenses can cover your eyes properly so you may not have to worry about bugs.

The problem with this type of sunglasses is that they often start showing the fog on the lenses. But the manufacturers have used the anti-fog coating to avoid this problem. Moreover, the T-Shell coating protects the lenses from scratches and other problems. The nose pads can keep the sunglasses in place so you may continue enjoying your favorite sport without any trouble.

Currently, you’d only get 1 lens color option with these fishing glasses. But the manufacturers are planning to introduce more color options in the future. Still, black color is a decent option and it can add a unique touch to your personality as well.



  • Unique Design
  • Protection from Bugs
  • Scratch Resistant Lens
  • Anti Fog protection


  • Only one lens color option



Get ready to enjoy an incredible day fishing because you’ve now found the best polarized fishing sunglasses. The fishermen often complain about visibility issues when they go fishing. Polarized fishing sunglasses can eliminate this problem so you may have more fun.

We’ve reviewed the best polarized fishing sunglasses in 2020 to help you with finding the most appropriate option for your needs. If you need more information about choosing best polarized fishing sunglasses, feel free to contact us.

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