KastKing Royale Select Fishing Rods

KastKing Royale Select Fishing Rod is here to facilitate you.KastKing Royale Select is the perfect choice for fishermen who are looking for an all-round fishing rod.


Without any doubt, high-quality fishing rods are usually very expensive. But KastKing has broken this barrier by introducing their top quality model at a reasonable price. If you need detailed information about the different features of this fishing rod, you’ve come to the right place. Now, without wasting any time, let’s take a look at the KastKing Royale Select Fishing Rods review we’ve developed for you.

Brief Introduction of KastKing Royale Select Fishing Rods


KastKing Royale Select is a one-piece fishing rod that can offer an excellent level of strength and durability. The great Fuji O-ring enables you to enjoy the most accurate cast without much fatigue. It means Royale Select is the perfect option for those who’re willing to participate in a competition. The Fuji fishing line guides reduce the friction so you may enjoy a smooth and comfortable fishing experience.

The best part is that the grip is made of EVA material that gives you full control of your fishing rod. The reason why we love this fishing rod is that it helps with pulling in big fish without much effort.

No matter whether you’re a beginner or a professional fisherman, KastKing Royale Select can offer an amazing fishing experience in different conditions.


  • Fuji O-ring Line Guides
  • Comfortable EVA Grip
  • Strong Enough for Bass Fishing
  • Toray 24 Ton Carbon Matrix Material


  • The one-piece design doesn’t fit into a small car

Features we Liked the Most


Now, let’s take a detailed look at the prominent features of this fishing rod.

  • One-Piece Design


The fishing rod comes with the one-piece design that enables you to enjoy more constant power at four different angles – 0⁰, 45⁰, 90⁰, 135⁰. It means it’s an ideal option for advanced anglers who like to enjoy a higher level of sensitivity. The beauty of this rod is that it offers finer craftsmanship as compared to the multi-section rods. The beginners may often face problems with assembling a two-piece rod. Therefore, the one-piece rods appear to be an ideal solution for them.

  • Durable Construction


This high-quality fishing rod is made of Toray 24-ton carbon matrix material. It means you can continue using this fishing rod for years without having to worry about rust and corrosion. The durable blanks offer much better accuracy and excellent performance.

  • Nylon Reel Seats


The KastKing Royale Select comes with Nylon Reel Seats so you may not feel tired while using it. Surprisingly, you won’t find this feature in any other rod of this league. That’s why the Royale Select has appeared to be an ideal choice for anglers.

The Nylon Reel Seats are 54% lighter than the conventional reel seats. The beauty of these reel seats is that they offer much better control and maximum blank exposure. Thus, you’d be able to enjoy a comfortable fishing experience throughout the day.

  • Fuji O-ring Guides


You can now enjoy better accuracy and durability with Fuji O-ring Guides. Every fisherman likes to enjoy far distance casting. And that’s what you can enjoy with these guides. Another interesting thing about O-ring Guides is that they reduce the rod’s weight while offering much better control. With O-ring guides, you’d be able to improve your fishing skills within a few attempts.

  • EVA Grip


The EVA foam offers a more comfortable and durable grip so that the rod doesn’t slip off your hands while you’re enjoying your favorite sport. You can now enjoy the full control of your fishing rod with the split-grip. Moreover, the longer handle enables you to enjoy longer casting without any problem. The remarkable thing about EVA grip is that it makes you feel fresh and active even after a long day of fishing.

What we didn’t like?


Although the one-piece design offers amazing strength while you’re fishing, you might face problems with carrying it with you if you have a small car. However, you can carry easily it with you if you have a large size trunk in your car.

Who is this Product For?


KastKing Royale Select is the highly recommended option for those who want to participate in fishing competitions. The rod is also perfect for beginners who want to enjoy more accurate casting. The reel seats reduce the drag and friction to an extent so you may enjoy a smooth fishing experience. Royale Select is a great option for those who like to practice fishing in different locations.



KastKing Royale Select Fishing Rod offers amazing features at a very reasonable price. EVA grip and Fuji O-ring guides play a vital role in improving your skills. The professional fishermen love using this rod at different fishing competitions. But the beginners may also use this rod to improve their fishing skills.

Royale Select offers an incredible fishing experience no matter whether you’re fishing in the fresh or saltwater. You must use this rod to bring your game to the next level. If you have any questions about this fishing rod, feel free to get in touch with us.

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